Eyelid Surgery: Fat Reduction? (photo)

i want to remove the fats from my eyelid without becoming double eyelids,i mean the "typical " double eyelids for asian eyes, i just dont like it. i just want a little bit of socket? is that possible? or what would you recommend for these eyes?

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You do not have excess fat


The Asian eye socket which you correctly point out is shallow compared to non-Asians. Your upper lid anatomy is typical for an Asian - the socket is shallow. Getting you "a little bit of socket" would require expanding the boney orbit (not removal of fat) - this would not be an appropriate surgery for cosmetic purposes.

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Fat removal for Asian eyelids


Based on your photos it may not work very well for you.  Yes, it might look nice for a year or two but it will sink in for sure an create a deep extra crease as you age.  Also, what you think is fat is your eye is mostly brow bone and frontal fat pad. . .neither of which you should remove.


Dr. Lay

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From the pictures posted you do not have herniated fat to be removed. Any fat removal will give you a hollow eye.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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