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I Want Widening Surgery, Not Just the Apparatus To Fix Eyeteeth Extractions when I Was Young?

I am in Australia, & would consider coming to the US. I had eyeteeth extracted when I was young. As an adult I had braces for 4 years & an attempt to widen with an apparatus. It hasn't worked enough, my face is so sunken in due to the small top jaw. I understand there is surgery. Is this surgery ok at 42 and what am I looking at in cost. I have seen information about a teenager that had it, and she looks better, it took 2 surgeries, is this the case? Who can I get to preform this operation?

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Jaw surgery



Jaw surgery in coordination with orthodontic treatment is an effective treatment for widening narrowed jaws. This procedure is performed at a hospital under general anesthesia and can be effectively performed by an experienced board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon. I have performed such surgeries on many adults beyond age 40 with great success. See link below for more details.


Dr. Kazemi

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