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I Had Traditional Liposuction on my Legs 8 Years Ago. Im Very Lean, Exercise a Lot. It Has Caused Slight Dimpling of the Skin?

is there any non surgical treatment I could do to help even out my skin as a result of the liposuction.

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Skin Dimpling after Liposuction


   If the skin dimpling is the result of localized fat extraction, fat grafting can be a reasonable option.

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Dimpling of the Skin


It's hard to say if the dimpling you're referring to is because of the liposuction, or if it's simply cellulite. Unfortunately, both problems are difficult to treat, because dimpling is a complicated fix. Further liposuction would not likely help. Your best bet would be to use a treatment like VelaShape, which works to temporarily even out irregularities in skin. Best of luck!

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Treatment of Skin Dimpling after Liposuction?


Unfortunately,  I do not think that there is any proven/effective method to improve “dimpling of the skin” at this time;  be careful about wasting your time/resources  on procedures that are not effective.

 Best wishes.

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Liposuction and dimpling


Dimpling of skin years after liposuction is not unusual, more noticeable in those who loose weight over the years. Treatment of choice is fat injection into the areas if only limited number of dimpling is present. With severe irregularities fat injection can be very difficult. There is a new laser that may help, I am trying out the TruSculpt  laser by Cutera that shows some promise. We should have an answer in the next 6 months as to its effectiveness.

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