I Have Been Told That I Need All my Teeth Extracted?

I have had my fair share of mouth issues than some for about 5 years now. After taking a full set of x-rays, Dr. told me that there was only one tooth she would not recommend for extraction..What specialist should I see to find out about the further possible bone loss I may see that was missed? A jaw bone specialist? lol thank you for any help

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Board Certified Periodontist

It is possible that your are too late for predictable treatment that will save your teeth.  The dental specialty that saves teeth and recontructs your mouth as a team with your dentist is a Periodontist. 

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Seek second or third opinion before removing all your teeth.

A Periodontist is the specialist in the bone and gum that supports the teeth. This would be a good person to get an opinion from. Teeth may be deemed unrestorable for other reasons as well; like cavities or extreme wear or fractures.

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