I Have a Small Chin. I Want to Augment It but I Am Concerned with Bone Loss from Implants, Etc? (photo)

I am a 20 year old female. I have a square jaw which I love but my chin is very small. My frontal view of my face looks square as I do not have very much vertical length of the chin. And from the side I have some lack of projection and length. I was interested in a chin implant because I dont want to add too much more vertical length as I like the squareness but I am scared of bone erosion. And with sliding gen. I am afraid of titanium plate attracting harmful electromagnetic waves into my body.

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Minimal bone erosion with chin implant


The simplest, easiest, and most conservative method to improve the projection of the jaw is with a chin implant.  The chin implant is made of silastic implant and inserted through a submental incision under local anesthesia.  The size of the chin implant is determined at the time of the consultation.  The chin implant augments the chin mostly in a forward projection.  There is a small amount of width that is added due to the lateral wings on the implant and there is also a small amount, usually 2-3 mm, of vertical height that is added since the mandible is angled at a downward position.  The amount of bone erosion is usually rather minimal and has not been of any consequence for patients.

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