I Have Permanent Nerve Damage from a Chin Augmentation 10 Years Ago. I Am Still in Pain?

My surgeon severed my main nerve in my chin 10 years ago because the nerve has been continually uncomfortable since June or July 2002 when I had the procedure as a teenager. I believe my criminal surgeon has permanently destroyed that nerve as I am not comfortable 10 years after the procedure. My chin implant is also not symmetrical and I think removing the implant would still leave me with cut nerve. I am afraid to have more surgery due of fear of doing more damage and the financial cost.

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Mental Nerve Neuroma After Chin Implant Surgery

If you have persistent pain after a deliberate or accidental mental neurectomy, it may be because you now have a neuroma at the end of the cut nerve. Since you chin implant is asymmetric and may need modification/removal, this would be the ideal time for a mental nerve exploration. The exit of the nerve could be easily located from the bony foramen and the nerve end properly treated so that pain relief may be possible.

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