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I Got a Nose Job 6 Months Ago but my Tip Still Looks Droopy I Want to Lift It Asap or Should I Wait? (photo)

It's been 6 months I want to lift it already because it don't like how it droops but I'm not sure if I should wait the whole year because I feel like this is pretty much it. Or will the tip get higher on it's own?

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Drooping nasal tip 6 months after rhinoplasty.

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Drooping nasal tip 6 months after rhinoplasty can be done now since the tip will not get higher after this amount of time.

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Tip Droopy at 6 Months Should You Wait?

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    This depends alot on how you looked before, what procedures were performed during the rhinoplasty, whether this was open or closed, and the progress in your healing so far.  I typically do not operate before one year, because, even though you may need the tip elevated, performing the tip lifting procedure at 6 months may not be as precise a surgery as the surgery performed at one year when swelling is gone and tissues are pliable.

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