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I Had a Mastoplexy About 3 Weeks Ago and my Left Areola is Puffy?

I had a mastoplexy about 3 weeks ago and my left areola is puffy. My right one is tight, stretched and looks great. My PS said it is still healing and this may be scar tissue. My question is....will this eventually heal itself? I have read that some women have used silicone strips, circa pads or micropore tape. Do I need to do this OR just give it more time?

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Left Areola is Puffy

The areolar skin is thinner and more distensible than the adjacent breast skin, and thus more likely to show swelling. In addition, the circular scar around the areola causes still more swelling. This is normal after surgery, and often is not symmetric in terms of swelling. Give it time. Patience. 

As to  managing the scar, get your own surgeon's advice regarding when to start. Thanks, all the best. 

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Puffy Areola 3 Weeks after Breast Lift

     3 weeks after a breast lift is too early to make any decisions about the size or shape of the breasts or the areolae.

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Puffy areolas after mastopexy

are quite common.  Give it time and after a couple of months, if it hasn't changed, talk to your surgeon about options to improve your results.

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Puffy areola - one side.

Thanks for sharing. It is not uncommon to have a bit more swelling on one side and to have some asymmetry, even in the areolas. Bring this up with your PS next time. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

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Asymmetric swelling following a breast lift surgery

The biggest problem with operating on the breast is that there are two of them.  Symmetry is the curse of plastic surgery.  A plastic surgeon can do the exact same operation on each side and they can heal like they were performed on two different people.  You are only 3 weeks post op and undoubtedly the breast will change significantly over the next 6 -8 weeks.   More swelling and bruising on one side is not unusual at all.

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Puffy areola after mastopexy

At three weeks, you are very likely still swollen. More than likely this should get better with time. If concerned, follow closely with your surgeon.

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Each side does seem to heal differently. You are early on post-surgery. It takes 6-9 months for everything to settle and fall into place. Your PS would be the best person to give you advice.


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Concerns after Mastopexy Surgery?

Thank you for the question.

Your plastic surgeon is in the best position to address your questions/concerns. Remember, that he/she knows exactly what procedure was performed, has the benefit of direct physical examination, and is ultimately responsible for your care.

 I would suggest that you continue close follow-up with him/her.

Best wishes.

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Areola after breast lift

Thanks for your question.  Without a picture, it is difficult to give you a very good answer.  You are still early in your operative course, so you are likely to continue to see changes to your results.  If you would like to start some topical scar treatments, make sure you speak with your surgeon first.  He or she can best answer that question.  Good luck!

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