I Lost Inches Using LLLT, but 3 Months Later, I Gained Unexplained Weight. What Could Have Happened?

When it comes to weight, I am very "detailed". I am 48 and have worked hard to remain within a 2-lb swing of 110 lbs for 30 years. In Oct & Nov (2011), I tried Low Level Laser Therapy on my stomach and thighs. Why not? Both were LipoLaser by BCS. I thought the results were terrific! Three months went by...and boom...in February, I experienced a sudden and "unexplainable" weight gain in my abdomen. Dieting + exercise have resulted in MORE weight. I didn't "suddenly" get old in February. Help.

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Gaining Weight After Laser Lipo

Thank you for your question. Some low level devices have a temporary benefit, and this lasts only a few months until things return back to normal. I advise you see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and evaluate your condition. I hope this helps.

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