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I Just Learned That I Have 2c Melanoma, How Soon Should I Have Surgery?

my doctor said it will be within 4 weeks, is that too long to wait?

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Skin Cancer Surgery

Thank you for your question. The recommendation for any melanoma is to have it excised as soon as possible, typically within 2 weeks or so. The additional tests and follow up recommended for patients with melanoma should also be completed as well (e.g.: lab tests, chest x-ray, ophthalmology exam, follow-up with oncology MD potentially, etc.) , should also be completed within a reasonable amount of time as well, typically within a month or sooner if possible as well. I hope this helps.

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Melanoma excision

I would recommend getting treatment soon.  After evaluation, any adjunct studies performed, and your treatment plan has been coordinated - you should proceed with removal of the melanoma along with any other necessary procedure(s) for appropriate treatment of this skin cancer.   

Lewis Albert Andres, MD
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Surgery for Skin cancer

I always "work in" a melanoma patient as quick as possible.  I consider this an urgency.  Discuss this with your surgeon to see if they can treat this a little sooner.

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Surgery after Skin Cancer Diagnosis #skincancer

The sooner the better. If your surgeon feels waiting a few weeks is ok based on what he/she has seen then you should be fine. In my practice I do have patients with melanomas for several weeks before we remove the cancer. There are often times many things a surgeon has to coordinate to get you to the operating room so it can take several weeks.

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I Just Learned That I Have 2c Melanoma, How Soon Should I Have Surgery?


I always "work in " patients for melanoma treatment, as I consider this to be an urgency.  If I new more about the pathology in your case, I could also comment on whether you might need a sentinel lymph node biopsy too.



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2c Melanoma surgery

Your doctor would schedule you immediately if it were needed. A patient's primary care and safety are put first in medicine. So, if your treating physician schedules you for surgery within a specific time period, say within 4 weeks, it's ok. In my personal opinion, soonest is best, but there are mitigating circumstances that arise too - other patients, surgery schedules, insurance authorizations, etc. Within 4 weeks I would deem acceptable.

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