I Have Heavy Breasts, Is There Any Non Surgical Treatment for Firming and Toning? Ultrasonic Lipo?

I am 27 years old and have heavy breasts. My breasts are sagging too. I want to know if there is any non surgical treatment for lifting and toning. I have gone to doctor and was told to undergo laser which is used for face firming. Can that be done? Also ultrasonic lipolysis can be done on breasts?

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Non Surgical "Lifting" for Breasts?

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Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, there are no non-surgical options that "lift and tone" the breasts. I would highly recommend that you do research on any "laser" that you have been told will help you -- do your due diligence.

Best wishes

Non-surgical toner for breast

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There is no such thing as a non-surgical toner for breast reduction and tightening of the skin envelope without surgery.  Sorry.

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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