I Had Eyelid Surgery 3weeks Ago Want to Know when I Can Get Botox Done?

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Botox 1 month after eyelid surgery

It is acceptable to have Botox placed 1 month after the surgery.  It is also important to not place the Botox in areas where there is swelling and edema.

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Eyelid Surgery and Botox

   Botox may be injected several weeks after eyelid surgery.  However, I do not inject the Botox around the eyelids during this time period.  I may inject the forehead or glabella.

Botox after Eyelid Surgery

Once healing and swelling have resolved, Botox is safe.  Usually that is within 3-4 weeks.  Check with your surgeon too.

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When Can Botox Be Given 3 Weeks After Blepharoplasty?

Hi Meander,

Friday.....................................................................but check with your blepharoplasty surgeon first. As long as there is no swelling it is okay. Good luck and be well.

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