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I Have Just One Crooked Tooth? What's my Best Option?

When I was little I had to have a baby tooth removed as it was lose whilst the adult tooth pushed through meaning now I have one crooked tooth. What would sort this out the best and what price (in the uk) would I be looking at? This tooth is on the top set next to the 2 middle teeth on the right. All the rest of my teeth are straight. Thanks

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What is the Best Option to Fix One Crooked Tooth?

Great question. To align a single crooked tooth you could put braces on all of your upper teeth OR you could use clear aligner therapy. The most well-known clear aligner company is Invisalign. Using clear aligners would slowly and gently align the tooth with the rest of your teeth. Using Invisalign would be overkill for aligning a single tooth, i.e. expensive. There are less expensive options for clear aligner therapy that will also work.

Clear aligners are worn 24/7 except while eating. To align a single tooth (depending on how much it must be rotated) you are probably looking at 3-6 months of treatment.

Since I do not practice in the UK I have no idea what you should expect in fees. 

Good luck!

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