I Have Cellulite in Abundance on my Thighs, Especially on the Inner Part. What Exercises Should I Do? (photo)

I have what i think is extreme cellulite on my thighs. Can I help get rid of it with exercise, and if so what kind should I do? Cardio doesn't seem to cut it. I feel very helpless and frustrated and depressed. Please help!!

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Treatment for Cellulite

You are not alone in your frustration with cellulite - in fact, 8 out of 10 women over 21 express similar concerns about cellulite.  Unfortunately, exercise alone will not take care of the problem. The causes of cellulite vary greatly but may include multiple factors such as: genetics, weight loss or gain, thickness of the skin, and vertical fibrous bands that allow the fat to push upward and become visible on the surface of the skin.  Although liposuction or laser liposuction may help with removing some additional fat in the thigh area it won't take care of the cellulite. However, there is is now an FDA approved device called Cellulaze that can be quite effective in the treatment of cellulite.  The treatment is unique in that it has a side firing laser fiber that helps to break up those fibrous  bands while also thickening the skin and increasing elasticity. It is a one time treatment, which is unlike many treatments which only offer temporary results and require multiple treatments.  Our patients have been extremely happy with the results from Cellulaze. You might wish to contact a board certified plastic surgeon in your area with extensive experience in liposuction. Results of Cellulaze may be highly dependent on the surgeon performing the procedure.  I hope this is helpful. 

Good luck to you. 

Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon
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Cellulaze is most effective for cellulite

Cellulaze when performed by a physician who is familiar with the technology can produce great results in properly selected patients. Realistic expectation are key in satisfied patients. Make sure you see good before and after photos from the actual physician doing the treatments to get an idea of what is possible and what you can expect. There are experienced Cellulaze physician in your area that should be able to help you. Good luck!

M. Dean Vistnes, MD
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
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Cellulite Treatment

I would recommend you evaluate Cellulaze - a FDA approved one time treatment that utilizes a 1440 nm wavelength laser to accomplish 3 things:  1) melt away fat bulging out 2) break up fibrous septae (attachments) that create the indentations and 3) help thicken the dermis (skin) to prevent future recurrence.   The procedure can take between 60-90 minutes and can be completed under local or just IV sedation (depending on the length of your procedure and number of areas being treated). To see your final results takes between 3-6 months. You can visit the cellulaze . com website to learn more about the procedure and find a plastic surgeon who performs the procedure near you. Best of luck!
Dr. Basu
Houston, TX

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Cellulite Treatment

If you truly have cellulite,  cellulaze may be a good option for you. Cellulaze uses a laser under the skin to attack the anatomic causes of cellulite. It is a minimally invasive procedure that takes 1-2 hours and can be safely done  under local or just IV sedation.  It is an FDA approved treatment for cellulite and requires only one treatment.  Hope this is helpful.

Dr. Sugene Kim

Cellulaze instead of exercising

Sometimes exercising cannot help with cellulite. There is a new procedure called Cellulaze that can help diminish the uneven skin texture.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Cellulite Treatment

Thank you for your question. The best treatment for cellulite is Cellulaze - a new non-invasive treatment that has seen amazing results so far.Cellulaze is the only minimally invasive laser procedure designed to attack the structure of cellulite beneath your skin. Cellulaze is backed by many years of clinical research. Studies have shown it increases the thickness of your skin by 25% and the elasticity of your skin by 29%—significant claims that haven't been made by any other treatments. Thicker and more elastic skin can help flatten and smooth the skin surface to improve the appearance of cellulite. In addition, 93% of patients surveyed were satisfied or very satisfied with their results at one year post their procedure, and all would recommend the Cellulaze cellulite laser treatment to a friend.

Cellulite on thighs

Thanks for the photos. You may want to consider a minimally invasive procedure called Cellulaze. It's a single procedure aimed to reduce severity of cellulite. This specific type of laser is used to smooth out the contour, reduce the dimples and increases skin thickness.

Best Wishes,

Stewart Wang, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Persistent cellulite

From your photograph it appears that you have severe contour deformities from cellulite.  Although exercise will help with decreasing some of the contour deformities, it will not cure the cellulite.  I would recommend a two stage procedure, first using smart lipo to recontour the thighs and tighten the skin, then at a later time perform Cellulaze to the remaining areas.  Cellulaze is the first FDA-approved one time, minimally invasive treatment ot improve the appearance of cellulite.  It uses a 1440 nm wavelength side-firing laser fiber optic to treat all anatomic causes of cellulite - bulges from fat deposits, dimples from fibrous bands, and also tighten the skin to improve the shape to the problem areas.

Cellulite treatment

Cellulite is a frustrating problem to be sure.  Unfortunately weight loss will only help but not completely resolve the issue.  While there are many different approaches to treatment, I recommend a procedure that will smooth out the fat and correct the dimples.  Creams and lasers do work to some extent, but do not offer a complete solution in my opinion.

Guy Cappuccino, MD
Mount Airy Plastic Surgeon
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Help for Cellulite for the Inner Thighs

Cellulite is a very common cosmetic concern and occurs almost exclusively in women.  The cause of cellulite is multifactorial and involves the interplay of genetics, hormones, diet, lifestyle habits, individual fat distribution and the inherent anatomoical differences in the layer of fat between men and women.  Unfortunately, diet and exercise alone may not be able to completely eliminate cellulite.  There are a number of cosmetic procedures available today to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, including Endermologie, Endermolift, Lipomassage, CoolSculpting, Liposonix and Bella Contour and perhaps best is Cellulaze but it is also expensive.  In addition, skin-tightening procedures such as Thermage and Ulthera tightens the skin and may thereby reduce the contour deformities (lumps and bumps) of cellulite as well.  Of course you would need an in-person evaluation by a cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon to determine which procedure is right for you.

Joshua L. Fox, MD
Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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