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I Am 50yrs Old and Am Considering VI Peel for the Décolletage and Hands. Is This a Good Choice for These Areas?

I show considerable aging in these areas. Is VI Peel a one-time treatment for hands and chest? Are there other treatments that would possibly be preferred for considerable skin improvement?

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Am Considering VI Peel for the Décolletage and Hands. Is This a Good Choice for These Areas?

Hands, neck and chests have long been thought of as a tell-tale of somebody's age as they tend to get overlooked when applying sunscreen or even the daily protection of makeup. Daily sun exposure and lack of quality products applied to these areas tend to leave the skin looking more sun damaged and crepey than the protected skin on the face. The Vi Peel is safe, effective and affordable for all areas of the body with great results in these particular areas.  Depending on age and the severity of the sun damage 2-4 treatments are recommended. Results can vary from patient to patient.  Expectations and treatment recommendations can and should be discussed in a consultation before scheduling any procedure. For severe sun damage, deep wrinkles and sun spots a more aggressive laser treatment like fractionated C02 can be performed on these areas although it can be expensive. It is also important to have any suspicious lesions checked by a dermatologist before having any procedure done. 

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I Am 50yrs Old and Am Considering VI Peel for the Décolletage and Hands. Is This a Good Choice for These Areas

Great Question

I know usually the hands and neck can give a person age away, I truly would reccomend you trying a vi peel for both areas, it would help lift any pigmentation you might have but also firm and tighten the skin, I also would advise you to possibly try doing radiesse on the hands, it helps makes the hands look more youthfull and get rid of wrinkles.. Hope this helps

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VI Peels: Effective Anti-Aging for Décolletage and Hands

I have found the VI Peel to be a very effective corrective treatment for aging and sun-damaged skin, especially in the areas of the neck, chest and hands. Dehydration, reduction in collagen production, and years of sun exposure can render the skin here especially dry, wrinkled, and freckled. A VI Peel involves the application of a powerful yet safe, physician-grade blend of alpha-hydroxy and beta-hydroxy acids, resorcinol, and retinoic acid. This represents a cocktail with pharmaceutical potency that can deliver dramatic results.

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