Is Hypoplastic Breast Reconstruction Covered Under Insurance?

Is Hypoplastic Breast Reconstruction Covered Under Insurance?

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Insurance coverage for breast hypoplasia


Unfortunately most insurance carriers consider this a cosmetic procedure now;  I occasionally got this covered a number of years ago, but it is routinely denied now.  If the correction involves a component of soft tissue reconstruction (e.g. a flap reconstruction) it might be that a pre-determination would be worthwhile, but certainly no guarantees could be made that this would afford insurance coverage.

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It may be covered by the insurance if need more than implant for augmentation


If you have true breast deformity ,your insurance may cover it if requires reconstruction rather than augmentation .  Depending on your insurance company and their restrictions, reconstruction may be covered. The most common diagnosis that covered is Poland's syndrome which is complete absence of the breast tissue.

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Hypoplastic breast insurance coverage

Occasionally a onesided hypoplastic breast may be covered by generous insurance carrier. Visit with a local plastic surgeon for an evaluation and if deemed appropriate a predetermination letter can assess the possibility of your carriers coverage. Good luck
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Is Hypoplastic Breast Reconstruction covered by insurance?


Hypoplastic breast or more commonly know as small breasts are treated by breast augmentation and is a procedure not covered by health insurance!

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Hypoplastic breasts


Small or hypoplastic breast surgery to make them larger is called a breast augmentation and is not covered by insurance.

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Hypoplastic breast


Hypoplastic breast or small breast is not covered by isurance. It is a cosmetic procedure.

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