Treatment for Hypopigmented Scars on Chest?

I have several scars on my chest with hypopigmented areas. What is the best treatment to make the lightened parts darker again?

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Consider scar revision



As opposed to trying to add pigment to a scar, you might be better off considering scar revision. Have your scar evaluated by a good local plastic surgeon and get your options presented to you.


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Eximer Laser


Until melanocyte transfer becomes widely and easily available, the best treatment for this problem is probably the Eximer laser.

It will take a number of visits but, generally this is a successful treatment. However, I would expect noticeable improvement and not total resolution.

Before commencing with this treatment, however, I would advise a visit to a dermatologist, since there may be other causes for this. Among the diagnosis that might be entertained would be Tinea Versicolor ( so-called sun-spots caused by a yeast like organism), vitligo, or even a rare form of mycois fungoides ( a T cell lymphoma of the skin).

Good luck.

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