Hyperpigmentation Treatment for Brown Spots on Upper Lip?

I am a 37 year old female. I have brown patches/spots on my upper lip that seem to be getting darker. I have always used sunscreen on my face especially that area and it doesnt seem to matter. What can I do?

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Treatment of upper lip pigmentation melasma

This is typically a condition known as melasma, which is regulated by hormones, sun exposure, genetics, and chronic inflammation. I commonly treat this condition with topical HRa. Some patients will require additional chemical peels to control melanocyte activity.

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Often the best treatment for pigmentation problems is chemical peels

Often the best treatment for pigmentation problems is chemical peels. There are many types of peels and the treament must be customized. Be sure to see a dermatologist who has a lot of experience in performing peels. He or she can also recommend the proper topical skin care program for you problem.

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