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How Much Hyaluronidase is Needed to Dissolve Restylane?

For every cc of Restylane, how much hyaluronidase is needed to dissolve it? I think I had 4cc of Restylane.

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What's the perfect recipe for Hyaluronidase


There is no set amount or guideline for dissolving hyaluronic acid with hyaluronidase. Similar to what Dr. Janjua suggested, we usually use a ratio slightly less than a one to one ratio. In our experience, it is prudent to inject in small amounts, adding more as needed. Much will also depend on whether or not you are wanting to dissolve the entire product injected or just one area such as a lump or unintended outcome.

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There is no determined amount. Every physician basis it on his or her own experience. In my experience you need about 20 units for each 1cc of Restylane.


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