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Would Hyaluronidase Help with Malar Edema?

Hi, i'm a 32 year old male...i've had malar edema/eye bags since i was a teenager. I understand that the cause of it may be poor lymphatic flow in my face.

Eating a low salt diet, running, and taking cold showers seem to reduce their size but they're still very visible. I read somewhere that hyaluronidase may help with my this true? what other methods are there to treat this? thank you!

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Hyaluronidase is not proven to help with malar edema eyelids

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Malar or upper cheek, lower eyelid, edema / swelling might have many causes.  Hyaluronidase, if successful treating this area, would be an off-label use, and would not address the cause.  I would not suggest it for this use as there are risks including allergic reactions.

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