What can I do to fade my permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo?

  • mersia saparilla
  • 6 years ago

i had a tattoo 4 years ago and it was perfect, it just needed to be redone. i went somewere to have it reedone but she made it very thick and now i hate it. it's been one week but i want some lines to fade away. i don't have any idea what to do - is it possible with salt water or fade creams...? help!

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#Permanent Make up Fade Color can be Corrected. Creams/ Solutions will not lighten the faded color...ONLY EXFOLIATING THEM OVER A PERIOD OF TIME LIGHTENS THEM. The color is IN the skin. IF a professional does not know her color/ chemistry of the skin and take into consideration your skin type you can get off color fading. IT can be corrected... BUT not putting color over color... NO, NO. The Gray/Blue/ Green or Pink has to neutralized first then the corrective ( Desired Color) . Our Philosophy is that we go light and on the touch up 6 weeks later we can always go a little darker. Sorry to say that to many have gotten into this business with no color/design or Art background. I have done over 3000 people Men and Women. I have not one complaint. We call up to 6 months to see if they are still happy. WE are running a 99% success. IF you looked for a cheap price then you got what you paid for. IF you are a professional you cant do a procedure for less than about $600 with insurance, education, the best supplies in Colors and numbing creams, follow ups and paper work. This is the reality of our business. Some areas might be lower, but not much IF they are doing every thing correctly in this business. IF you want further information, for your area: contact me: www.NaturalLookMakeup.com we are in Fla. and Georgia. I am sorry your have been disappointed, but I can show you thousands that are so happy. GeeGee
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I got my eyebrow tatoos done 4 years ago and now they're a faded reddish color. I have been trying A mixture of vitamin E oil and pure aloe vera gel before I go to sleep for 3 days now. I know that Vitamin E promotes cell regeneration and thought it might help and aloe vera gel opens blocked hair cells. I think it might be worth giving a try since I don't want to have any laser or chemical procedures.
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Look at the Post above. www.NaturalLookMake up.com
I have had my 2nd laser treatment at a place that does tattoo removal. The pain is minimal and I did not have bleeding, bruising or scabs. My eyes did look swollen on the lids and brow areas for a couple days and it turned my hairs blonde. After the first treatment I learned this so this time I had shaved the hairs completely off and they are growing in natural color. The amount that the color has lightened is amazing. They had tried a sample spot weeks before my first appointment. After my following treatments that spot looks close to my natural skin color so I am hoping with one more treatment, most of the the color will be gone from my brows. I know it all won't be gone entirely and will likely have a 4th session. I will admit the level of pigment that has broken up has been spotty...definitely heavier in some areas than others, so I must fill in the brows with a pencil. Overall I am pleased and can't wait for further treatment to get rid of as much color as possible. Getting the eyebrow tattoos is definitely the stupidest thing I have ever done and my biggest regret. I can't wait for this nightmare on my face to be gone!
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Me, too! I just had my first saline removal treatment. Jury still out - too soon to tell. Can you tell me what kind of laser was used? My biggest fear about laser has been permanent hair removal - then I would HAVE to have the lousy tatts. But now I'm afraid repetitive needling for the saline procedure will scar where the color went outside my natural browline onto my forehead.
Sorry you got a bad artist. Hope you did not look for the cheapest price or go to the Flea Markets like a lot of people are doing in my town of West Palm Beach, Fla. Cheap art is not good and good art is not Cheap. Why do people bargain hunt on their face??? www.NaturalLookMakeup.com I am GeeGee the owner and most of our work now is corrections. Sorry to say.
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Please explain what a lifting product is? I've never heard of it. Will it remove the blue/gray color that my eyebrows have faded to?
Had eyebrows tattooed dark brown, eek!… too dark for my light brown hair. Just put on powdered hair bleach (for blonding) and 20 developer. Eyebrowns now match my hair and no more Elvira.
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Did you mix the powder and developer, spread it over the whole brow and it lighten the tattoo part? What about your natural brow hair, how was It affected? I got mine done 2 weeks ago and they are to dark and much larger then my normal line. I do need to fade them a little. Thank you.
Hi, I'm absolutely going through the Elvira brows as we speak. It's been 13 days since the brow job and I'm not liking the 'Elvira' drama! I too will do what you have done. However I'm a woman of color so I hope it'll work for me also. Thanks
did the bleach work right away
It did not work for me, I have tried a couple of times, it does bleach your hair and since that looks stupid blonde brows with a dark tattoo under it, I shaved my eyebrows off. Yes they did grow back in. It has been 3 months now and mine are still the Elvira look or as I call them "Manbrows".
When your hair grew back did it grow back the normal color or did it stay white permanently?
This cant be. It would have lighten your DARK HAIR BUT NOT THE COLOR THAT IS IN THE SKIN. I have been doing this for 35 years. IF you put it on the first day or two that would make sense, but could have gotten real infected.. NO kidding. IF you did it the first day or so then YOU really did not give it time to heal and the true lighter color come up. ALL eyebrow color is dark the first 7-10 days. Then the scabbing comes off with the Vaseline that you should have been putting on and it makes the color look darker also. When the scabbing comes off the color is 20% lighter, IF they used the RIGHT COLOR ON YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE. www. NaturalLookMakeUp.com I don't suggest this process of Powered bleach and 20 Volume peroxide to lift the color on and open wound or permanent make up. I was a National Hair colorist for 30 years. I know what it can and CANT do. Glad you are happy now with your eyebrows. I think you were not patient in letting them heal. Sorry that the technician did not explain this to you.
I called a well-known tattoo removal clinic in the San Antonio, TX area and inquired as to what their success rate is in removing eyebrow tattoos. They have been in business 8 years and they told me that they no longer do any eyebrow permanent makeup removal. They tried it when they first started out in business, but there were too many problems and so they don't do them anymore. I research eyebrow removal methods from time to time, hoping to find a break-through, but too date I think that if one were to try any current removal method, whether it is laser or saline, or whatever, would be like playing Russian Roulette with your eyebrows: you might scar and the eyebrow hairs might be removed. Sadly, I guess I'll just have to continue with my regiment to cover them. If they had been done better in the first place, I would have them redone. But I don't want to put another layer of ink over an outline that I have to fix everyday.
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I don't understand what a lightening agent is or a pigment lightener. My eyebrows have turned an ugly blue color. There is a local tattoo artist who has studied the Tattoo Vanish method, but I am worried this will leave scarring.
any suggesstion for home remedy to remove permanent eyeliner
Lighting is possible but not 100% removal other than Lazer. Tattooing will not remove the hair from the brows. The needles don't go in that deep and do not have the current to kill the hair follicles. There are some things that we can do to change the shape and give it more balance and a better design. www.NaturalLookMakeup.com .... We have been doing Corrective work for over 35 years and more now than ever. To many that don't know what they are doing or they are not artist, colorist. Tattooing is an ART.
Thanks to everyone who responded to my inquiry. I found a wonderful solution to my brows (which were too dark at first, but once they healed, turned the typical grayish color as did my eyeliner, which is somewhat common.) Both problems were solved in the following manner--for my eyeliner, I simply re-line my eyes with a black liquid eye liner. Once it dries, it stays in place nicely. Secondly, to thicken and enhance my tattooed brows, I use Colorstay eyeliner in brown, making light, short strokes until I build the brow sufficiently. Yes, it seems defeating the purpose of having perm. cosmetics, but color has a tendency to fade--whether it be paint on your car, clothing fabric, haircolor. etc. The beauty of having a tattooed outline to folllow is priceless and it only takes a few seconds per eye to make the adjustments. Overall, I am happy with mine--and can alter my look from day to evening, light to dark with more precise and natural looking results than with cosmetics alone. One caution: Do not "pick" on your tattooed areas as they heal--doing so can leave scarring and inconsistent coloring, especially for those of us fair-skinned ladies. Also, a light base of concealer and oil free foundation, then shadow, then lining is the method that works well for me. Best wishes for a good experience. :)
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You're missing the point. It's emotional to have had a bad procedure and people are looking for solutions to remove or fix the permanent makeup to look the way people originally intended it. "Put makeup over it" is an insensitive response on your part.
You are a reasonable lady Not all brows turn Grayish.. That depends on the color that the ARTIST put into your skin. It could be Warmed up with an Corrective color. I do it all the time on the MANY, MANY that come to me AFTER THEY WENT SOME WHERE ELSE FOR A CHEAPER PRICE. Your are so right don't pick it unevens the color. That is why we give a Free tough up 6 weeks after you heal to Perfect the design, and color if we need to. We can always go DARKER. We keep a color chart and mix chart on each client. So IF they want to go Darker that is not problem... Never, Never had anyone say they are to dark....EXCEPT THE FIRST WEEK BEFORE THEY HEALED. www.NaturalLookMakeUp.com ... then called me back 7-10 day and said I LOVE THEM, I Wish I did this years ago. All tattoos fad that is why we recommend 3-5 year touch up. The lighter the color the faster it will fade. The darker the color the longer it will stay.... GeeGee for a Natural Look Permanent Make up in Florid and Georgia.
My tatooed eyebrows over 10 yrs ago to somewhat match my auburn hair have turned turned a purplish red. In addition I have plucked out the few hairs that I had. I have ocd hand continue to obsessively pluck. I often open the skin. This is what I do. At night I place a strip of paper tape across any damaged areas. When creating the brow in the morning: apply concealer with a small brush, apply matching powder with a small brush, apply eye shadow a shade lighter than hair, use a tapered brush to easily follow the brow line, roll a q-tip lightly over the brow to pick up any loose color. It works and can be done quickly once done a few times
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When you apply the concealer and powder, are there brow hairs that get in the way, or are they gone because of the plucking?
When cosmetic tattoo is not touched up regularly (and it should be to keep it looking fresh), the tattoo pigment fades and often leaves the 'base' colour of the pigment used. In your case it has faded to red. This can easily be corrected by tattooing with the opposite colour on the colour wheel, ie it will change it back to the original colour. You may need a bit of a re-touch with the original colour after you have the correction done but believe me, it will be 100% better than the process you are going through right now.