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How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

How much does Invisalign cost? Are there different Invisalign prices for the different stages of treatment?

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Cost of Invisalign


Invisalign may cost anywhere from $3000 to $6500 depending on the complexity of movement of teeth...

Typically at the office we allow our patients to see the actual results on the computer imaging program before they commit to treatment... The process takes about a half hour to gather all the information. This way our patients know how many aligners they will need and how long the treatment will take, before they commit to treatment. Our patients love this! An actual visualization of their results before deciding to proceed with treatment!

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Cost for Invisalign


As in all things, "It depends..." :)

Some cases are minor and only need a few months of movement. Cases like this, since they are fairly simple and won't require as many materials, can result in a significant savings, usually in the $3000-4000 range.

As the complexity increases, so does the fee. Most Invisalign cases are complete in about a year, but can be longer. These cases can cost in the $5000-7000 range.

All fees are based on care, skill and judgement of each dentist, as well as some geographic influences. To know precisely how much it would cost would require a visit to the dentist or orthodontist to find out what kind of case you are.

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How much does invisalign cost? What is the cost of invisalign?


Easy answer: I have heard 3000 to 11,000 – Payment plans 200 to 300+ per month
Read about $20,000 case below!

Depends on location, experience of the doctor, length of the case, complexity of the case, patient compliance, and the office you go to.  Also depends on how many cases and how many difficult cases the office has treated.  Furthermore, it depends on a very rare factor: Is your doctor willing to treat the most complex cases No one else is willing to treat?

Location: Unlike popular belief, doctors and dentists are really hard workers and they have extremely high overhead and responsibility. If you live in places like LA and New York, overhead is typically higher hence the price is a bit higher.
Experience of the doctor: When I started treating invisalign 10 years ago, I could only treat very simple cases and I had to treat them at cost or even at a loss to gain experience and the patients quickly.  Its normal less experienced doctors have to keep fees low or even take a loss. There are some Groupon deals for invisalign which are so low to the point we know for sure the doctor is losing and there has to be a reason why they are willing to lose! (NOTE: Important comment below)

Length of the case: I have treated cases from 3 months to over 3 years.  We really did not think it’s fair to charge the same fees for everyone!  Let’s keep it fair.

Patient compliance: If a patient is not compliant, new sets of aligners will be required which will add the need to keep ordering new sets of aligners, and also more time and material and office time.  

Complexity of the case:  We had a patient who came to our office about 5 years ago. Her case was so complex that five offices had rejected her to be treated via invisalign, orthodontics NOT even braces.  She was told she needed surgery and braces, etc.  She gave up and was sooo depressed.  Her friend begged her to come to our office for another opinion and they both begged me to do something anything to make invisalign work for her.  Neither I nor anyone had treated anything this complex with invisalign before! (See video below) – I told the patient, I am willing to do it provided she does not have much expectation and she signs a special consent and if it did not work out, we would put her in braces… I hate to over-promise but not deliver so I had to be on the safe side though I had flashes of many ideas how to make this work in my head… Patients really hate it when someone over-promises and in medicine and dentistry nothing is guaranteed especially if I am treating a type of case NO one has ever treated before.  I spent hours and hours figuring out Clincheck computer modeling to the point even the technicians at invisalign would not understand what I really wanted to change on the software – We performed so many modifications, I think the technicians were about to kill me but thankfully they were nice and we finally had an acceptable computer model and specialized attachments on the front and back of the teeth for additional anchorage!  We also had many challenges during 3 years of treatment and had to use additional aids such as invisible elastics from tooth to tooth and from tooth to aligner, etc to pull the canines which were not erupted into the aligners… Thankfully I learned a lot from this case and now can treat even more complex cases…  This patient saved about $30,000 not doing surgery and braces! Some say we should have charged $20,000+ but we believe patients with such a case help us innovate and we appreciate their trust in us --- Therefore, we have never charged anything more than $9000 for a compliant patient while our lowest cost has been about 3000.  This case was honestly a lot of work because I had to keep thinking of the ways to treat this case and coming up with many ideas along the way NOT to let it fail but it has now smoothed the path to treat other complex cases easily and I am always thankful to such patients NOT wanting to charge anyone beyond what is fair.  Part of my compensation is what I learn from such cases and these patients and the relationships we build which leads to many other referrals.  

The point is this:  NOT all cases are the same and we may spend 5 hours on one case or may spend 40 hours on another and so patients need to understand it’s not like buying a product online to know how much by placing a phone call to any office… Even if number of months is the same, some cases may be more complex than others.  We have also recently innovated ways to reduce the number of months so long as it’s clinically safe.  There is various no interest financing options which brings the cost to about $200 to $300 a month.  Some offices may offer this so just ask if they can provide with no interest or long term payment plans.

New York Cosmetic Dentist

Invisalign Cost


The price for Invisalign cases will generally vary depending on the complexity of the case.  On average a fairly straight forward case might cost between $3000-$4000, and a more complex case may cost $5000-$6500.

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Cost of Invisalign...

The cost of Invisalign depends on which part of the country you live in and the doctor you choose.  It's a good idea to choose a cosmetic dentist or an orthodontist.  As a cosmetic dentist here in St. Louis, our office usually charges between $2,500 and $6,000, depending on the complexity of the case.  For short cases that take 5 or 6 months, the cost is closer to $2,500 and for cases that will take over 2 years or longer will typically cost closer to $6,000.
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How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

That is a good question and a most often asked question.  The answer is that it really depends on the nature of the crowding and desired cosmetic / functional result. 
Some cases are minor and only need a few months of movement. These will be priced lower, under $5,000 generally.  As the complexity increases, so does the fee. Most Invisalign cases are complete in about a year, but can be longer. These cases can cost in the $5000-$7000 range. As you judge your smile in the mirror, note if there are a lot of misplaced teeth or just a little crowding.  Do your teeth meet or is there open space.  Are any teeth rotated or way out of alignment.  These are but a few factors that we look for to determine complexity and thus cost of Invisalign treatment.   In order for one to know precisely what the fee would be though, a visit to the dentist or orthodontist is needed.  There an accurate estimate can be provided.
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Cost of Invisalign


There are lots of good answers to this question below and yes, generally speaking Invisalign treatment should run between $3,000 - $6,000.  This price range can vary based on what part of the country you live (higher in New York, lower in some lower rent and cost of labor markets).  It can also vary depending on case complexity.  For example, Invisalign recently began to offer Express 5 treatment for extremely minor tooth movement and I would think that type of treatment should be less than $3,000. 
Please, keep in mind once you complete treatment, there may be additional fees involved - retainers, night guard, and bite adjustments which may or may not be included in the price that your dentist/orthodontist quoted.  Also, teeth that have been misaligned over time tend to wear out unevenly.  So, you may wish to check with your dentist for an estimate to do that type of work.

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Cost of Invisalign


The cost of treatment varies based on the length of treatment, the complexity and the geographical location. My wife's friend had Invisalign done at a dentist in Manhattan overlooking central park and the cost was $9000. The average fee in the USA is $3500-$6500. Some easy cases can be less, and complex cases can be more. Payments plans are available so the cost could be $200-$400 per month on average. Some offices charge extra for the initial patient records, some offices also charge extra for retainers which should be worn after treatment is completed to prevent the teeth from moving back to their original position.

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Cost of invisalign


the cost of Invisalitgn can vary from $4000 to $7000.. I recommend that you research carefully, maker sure an orthodontist is doing the treatment and NOT a general dentist. Usually a general dentist will charge LESS, but an orthodontist is specially trained for this kind of treatment.


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The cost can vary


The cost will vary according to your location and the cost will vary according to the expertise of the practitioner.

The cost will also vary according to the difficulty of the case. Generally speaking, the cost will be in the neighborhood of the cost of clear braces.

The cost could range from between $4000 and $8000

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