How Much Does a Smile Makeover Cost?

I want to get a smile makeover but am concerned about the cost of cosmetic dentistry. What do most procedures cost? Are there some cosmetic dentistry procedures that will give me "more bang for my buck"?

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Smile makeover

A smile makeover can involve many different areas of dentistry including orthodontics, periodontics, implants, crowns, veneers, and whitening. The cost will depend on what your goals are, as well as where you live. The best first step is a comprehensive exam and personalized consultation with a dentist you trust.

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Smile make over cost up to 1500 per tooth

Obviously the price of a 'smile makeover' can vary widely. Some makeovers can be done with just two front veneers. Thus, it would cost around $3000. I have to say in most cases though that it requires around 8 veneers to make a substantial 'smile makeover' and thus this can run upwards of $12K.

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Cosmetic dental makeover prices

Cosmetic dental procedures can range from simply whitening teeth, combined with reshaping minor discrepencies, to a full mouth smile makeover.

If you are not pleased with the shape of your teeth due to wear, malformation, chipping, etc. some sort of bonding or veneers would be the treatment of choice. If you want teeth lengthened then either laser treatment in recontouring the gum tissue may work. However, veneers or more conservative direct bonding will result in more tooth display on smiling.

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Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can range in cost from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the procedures and where you live.

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Really Can Vary

Not only can the cost vary but the treatment can vary as well.  A smile makeover can be as simple as whitening and recontouring which can be under a thousand dollars to placing porcelain on every tooth to a new bite which can be over $50,000.

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What is a new smile worth?

What does a smile makeover cost?  I like to think about this question as what is a new smile worth?  Yes whitening can run $349 to $549; and yes composite bonding can run $299 to $999 depending on the size and the shape of the tooth/teeth; and yes I'll mention that our porcelain veneers run $1000 to $1799 per tooth.   Really tho', I advise you to look at yourself in the mirror and image what life would be like smiling, laughing, eating, kissing, talking with full abandon...not worrying about what others are thinking, feeling so confident it seems you could take over the world.  A beautiful smile provides so much personal freedom!  And it is yours...forever.  So while the money upfront is something to consider and be responsible for, the outcome will be so much greater than anything you can possibly image.  Take on improving your smile, you will be soooo very glad you did!

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What is the cost of a Smile Makeover?

I can give you some ideas, but your question has a lot in common with the question "how much is a car?" or "how much is a house?"  Those costs can vary all over the map, can't they?  You will see the same thing in cosmetic dentistry based on your wants and the dentist who will be treating you.

There is a process that a cosmetic dentist usually goes through to estimate the fee.

First, interview the patient.  What are the problems?  What does the patient want fixed?  Just one tooth, eight, sixteen, twenty or twenty eight?  And your answer on how many teeth you want treated might depend on how many and which teeth you show when you smile, the color, any existing fillings or unesthetic crowns, how crooked or straight your teeth are, any chips, missing teeth, etc.  So the first step is you and the cosmetic dentist need to set down, discuss your goals, and probably also your budget.

Then two important question also have to be answered, what is your level of expectation of perfection and how difficult or easy will your treatment be?

A smile makeover's fees can be all over the map.  It could be as little as a couple hundred dollars for bleaching.  Orthodontics and Invisalign will be more.  Any gum procedures like adding gums onto a tooth that has experienced much recession or taking excess gum tissue off with laser or gum surgery add costs as well.  Are you needing just veneers to give you that dazzling smile, or do you need a mouth full of crowns?

And fees for crowns and veneers are all over the map as well.  Some clinics and volume oriented insurance dentists "advertise" veneers for as low as $350, while I know there are some specialty cosmetic practices in New York and Los Angeles that charge up to $3,000 per tooth.  Average price for veneers or cosmetic crowns by most well trained cosmetic dentists are in the range of $1,400 to $1,800 nationwide.

So in a nutshell, your job as a patient is to first decide what you don't like about your teeth and smile, and what you want to have changed.  Meet with several cosmetic dentists, as I absolutely guarantee you, most cosmetic dentists will not agree on a single solution.  Usually at the first meeting the cosmetic dentist can give you a good estimate on what it would cost to do your smile makeover.

Norman Huefner, DDS
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How Much Does a Smile Makeover Cost?

Great Question but with many answers. That may seem very unhelpful but to be honest there are many options involved in smile make over cases and prices will vary depending on the options chosen. The general question is like asking "how much does a car or house cost? 

The real answer to this question is going to be specific to YOU. What your expectations are with regards to your smile and what options you are comfortable with to get there.

Your dentist is going to provide you with these options, give you the (ABC's) Advantages, Benefits, and Contraindications for each option and work with you to not only meet your Smile Make Over goals but to meet your financial goals also.

Once you are educated on the options you have available to you, and understand the benefits and limitations of those options, you will be able to get much better estimate of the costs for achieving your Smile Makeover. Like many things in life you will get what you pay for. Higher quality materials, longer treatment times, more highly trained dentists in the area of Smile Makeovers, are going to cost more than the alternative.

As far as bang for buck, again it depends on what your "Bang" is.  A natural look? Longevity of the material used? On going support from your dental team? etc.

I know this is not a fixed dollar figure answer but I hope it helps you better understand that cost are going to vary depending on your choices. 


Paul Newitt, BSc, DMD
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Affordable Smile Makeovers- Same day new smiles.

With todays technology. We have found smile makeovers can run you about 900-1100 dollars a tooth and that price includes all diagnostic services, bleaching ect.   We are able to complete all services in one visit with no temporaries With a custom finish by a master ceramist on the same day.  We estimate consider about an hour of chair time per tooth you are going to replace. 

Richard Sprague, DDS
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Smile Makeovers with Cosmetic Dentistry are elective dental procedures that enhance the way you feel about yourself.  Though it can be quite expensive, it is difficult to put a dollar amount on a life altering event.  An extensive Smile Makeover could cost as much as a vehicle.   One must remember that unlike a vehicle, we use our teeth and associated structures to speak, eat, drink and so much more every minute of every day.  Most dental offices offer third party financing that help patients get the best type of quality care at terms that are affordable.  We use Care Credit at our office and find that most patients find the terms acceptable as they begin their journey to better dental health through a Smile Makeover using Cosmetic Dentistry.  

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