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How Much Does Brite Smile Cost?

I don't want to walk into the Brite Smile place in the mall until I know how much it costs, because I'm too afraid that if I go in, they will sell it to me before I can make a good decision! What can I expect to pay from Brite Smile teeth whitening?

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BriteSmile Fees

Anywhere between $500-$700 would be a reasonable fee for BriteSmile. If you would like home trays so you can maintain your new white smile, then figure an extra $150-$200.

Bethesda Cosmetic Dentist

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Mall Kiosk whitening is a roll of the dice

I have seen fees from $100-$200 at these kiosk centers.  While the fees are low, they aren't staffed by dentists, so buyer beware.  For a fee like that, white strips at Wal-Mart have a better ROI.

Lance Timmerman, DMD
Seattle Cosmetic Dentist
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