How Long Should I Wait Between Laser Treatments?

This past Friday I had a laser treatment on my face. This coming Friday I have an appointment for a Fractional treatment on my face. Is it too soon?

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Waiting time for laser treatment depends - not all lasers are the same

It depends on the type of laser treatment that you have. With most fractionated lasers it is recommended that patients wait at least two weeks between treatments.

If your last "laser" treatment was very mild, then it might be ok to go ahead within one week, but I would advise you to wait at least two weeks between treatments. Certainly the skin needs to heal and be near its normal condition before repeating the treatment.

If you have the Fraxel repair treatment, then usually you only need one treatment. If a second treatment is requested or required, then it is done at least 4-6 months after the first treatment.

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Time between laser treatments

The time between laser treatments depends on your healing.  What are you trying to achieve with your laser treatments?  It seems a little soon to me, but discuss this with your Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for your best result.

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