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How to Get a Big Butt?

my butt has no shape to it! what can i do to give a more rounded look?  Does this require plastic surgery?

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How to get a big butt


There are several options for buttock enlargement.  The simplest and most reversible is wearing a padded undergarment.  You can attempt to increase your gluteal (buttock) muscle mass with exercise - mainly lunges and squats.  If these methods are ineffective for you, you can consider plastic surgery.  There are two FDA-approved methods of surgical butt enhancement - buttock implants and fat grafting to the buttocks.  Implants are silcone that are surgically inserted.  Fat grafting (the Brazilian Butt Lift) involves the use of liposuction to remove unwanted fat from other areas of the body and inject that same fat into the buttocks to achieve a beautiful lower body!

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Get Brazilian Butt Lift for bigger butt


From my experience of performing both buttocks implants and the Brazilian Buttocks Lift over the past 12 years, there is no question. The Brazilian will provide a much more natural feel and shape than implants. It is also a much safer procedure. I have done several hundred Brazilian Butt Lift procedures with virtually zero complications and about a 20% complication rate with buttocks implants.

The Brazilian is by far a much better and safer procedure in my hands.

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Buttock augmentation can be performed using either your...


Buttock augmentation can be performed using either your own fat or shaped silicone implants. Although fat tends to be rather unpredictable in terms of longevity, I prefer its more natural look and feel. In addition, unused fat can be frozen and used to touch-up and reshape your buttocks at a later date.

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Butt augmentation with fat grafting


The answer is not to get a big butt but to get a more shapely butt.  Plastic surgery is an art and simply making your butt bigger is not the answer.  Liposuction plays a very important role because it is important to remove fat from places you do not want it.  I first liposcution around the butt to give more shape. 

If more fat is needed, I remove it from another place such as the thighs, abdomen, or love handle area.  We carefully process the fat by washing and spinning the fat to remove poor fat, blood, and debris from the liposuctioned fat.  I then carefully inject the fat into the areas where the butt is deficient of volume to give not only a bigger butt but more importantly a better shaped butt.

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Got Butt?



Being a plastic surgeon in your hometown, Miami, I am quite familiar with the general desire of the local population to have a round, firm, sexy, backside. As far as I am concerned, the procedure frequently referred to as a " Brazilian Buttock Lift or Augmentation" is far and away superior for body and buttock contouring compared with the use of implants. I do not use buttock implants in my office for several reasons: they simply are not capable of producing the aesthetic result of a fat grafting procedure, there is an inherent high complication rate, and there is significant pain associated with the procedure. I have performed over 150 buttock fat grafting procedures with no complications and very satsified patients. My best advice is to find someone who frequently performs this procedure and can demonstrate through before and after pics the results you are looking for.

Good luck,

Dr. Sean Simon

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Most who do a lot of buttock augmentation prefer fat


I have done a lot of buttock augmentations over the past 5 years, and like a lot of people, I thought I would end up doing a balance of fat and implants. This has not been the case.

Thin patients, on whom you would think implants would be ideal, are in fact, not that easy to deal with. The implants can be palpable at the outer edges. Secondly, because of anatomic constraints, the implants can't go down as far as you would like, or it can cause nerve compression. I have had to do implant revisions for both palpable edges (used fat injections to increase soft tissue at the edge), and pain from nerve compression.

Finally, the implant can't give the volume augmentation you want, because the larger the implant, the more noticeable it is. A "fake" appearance of a buttock implant is not troublesome by itself, it's just that it causes problems when you sit, especially if you are thin.

I have done a few skinny patients with fat injections, telling them to focus instead on the change in body contour, and that when the fat grafts take, the weight gain will be predominantly in the buttocks. One patient in particular has gained a lot of weight, and now wants a lipo to the upper pole of the buttocks to reduce the size of the "shelf" I had created.

As far as to how long fat lasts, when done correctly, a large percentage of the fat grafted is permanent.

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Buttock Augmentation


There are a number of procedures avaliable to produce a shapier, perkier, rounder buttock.  These include use of specail buttock implants or you won fat to produce buttock augmentation.  The latter is called a Brazilian Butt lift.  It improves your contour through removla of excess fat with liposuction and addition of the fat to your buttock.

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Fat Transfer is the way to go.


Thanks for your question -

As long as the size increase you're looking for is not gigantic (think in the range of 700-1000 cc per buttock) fat transfer can be a very effective way to increase the fullness and improve the shape of your buttocks.

In addition, the fat that is removed usually enhances the waist line increasing the result.

In our Bay Area practice we perform these operations regularly. Find a board certified plastic surgeon that has expertise in this technique and get a consultation.

I hope this helps.

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Fat grafting is the ideal method


Fat grafting is becoming the preferred method for buttock augmentation. It is more natural, using your own fat cells. The other method is buttock implants. Buttock implants have more morbidities and are not as natural.

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Bigger buttocks possible


With the right plastic surgery techniques, post-operative massage regimen, diet and exercise, fuller and more shapely buttocks can be achieved. This can be life-changing and permanent!

It is important to achieve bigger buttocks as naturally as possible. Implants cause a lot of problems and the technology is close but not quite there for you to keep implants that feel and look natural for very long.

Natural buttock augmentation means borrowing fat cells from your own body where they are hiding your curves and adding them through special fat transfer techniques to your buttock tissue.

After this natural augmentation using your own fat, then specific massage regimens, exercises and diet will help the results last.

It is important you do not smoke and stay healthy so the fat cells stay noursihed.

Make sure you choose a board certified plastic surgeon with a lot of experience in this technique and one who cares about your recovery.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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