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10 Days Post-op Septo-Rhinoplasty w/ Horrid Looking Asymmetrical Nostril.

I am 10 days post a rather complicated septo-rhinoplasty. The cast and splint came a few days ago. I understand that it is too early and i have to wait for all the swelling to subside, but my right nostril (where I had the splint) looks horrid: more swollen and nose noticeably shifted to the left. Will it get better with time?

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Without a pre and post photo I have a hard time giving a comment.  Was your rhiplasty surgeon present when the splint was removed?  If so what discussion did you have regrading the appearance of the tip and nostril..  Certainly the tip is by far the most distorted due to swelling after rhinoplasty.  Obviously you should follow up with your surgeon and share your concerns for appropriate treatment.  They know exactly what was done during surgery and would be the most approriate to render an opinion regrading the tip sweeling and nostril shape.

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