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2 Otoplastys, but still unhappy. Is it possible to carve the top portion to reduce the size and also make it less pointy? (photo

I underwent otoplasty in 2004 and again in 2012 with different surgeons. I am still not statified with the results as the top and bottom portion of my ears still stick out in regrads to the middle portion. I wanted to remove/reshapte the top portion so it is less pointy. Please let me know if this is possible because the last 2 doctors I spoke to said they dont specialize in that kind of procedure. Thanks.

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Is it possible to carve the top portion to reduce the size and also make it less pointy?

The middle third of your ear was pinned too closely to your head. The upper third, as far as can be assessed without the missing photo from the back, appears to be at a normal distance to your head. The middle third of your ear can only be moved out again if you were operated on with the stitch method, whereby a thread is removed in this part and replaced by a new thread. If, however, you were operated on with the traditional method, which I presume you were, then the middle third of your ear is fixed by scars and can no longer be changed anymore. Whether it is possible to bring the upper third of your ear still closer to your head can only then be judged if you post a photo from the back.

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The posted photograph does not show the posterior aspect of your ear.  If the mid section of your ear is too close to the scalp this is termed a telephone deformity.  If the mid section and lower section are appropriate you may need a suture fixation at the top of the ear to bring it closer to the scalp.  At this point I just can not tell.  

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