10 days after 2nd profractional & still have visible pinholes & redness in face. Is this normal? Can this be permanent? (photo)

2nd profractional procedure with bbl. 1 yr apart. 1st time healed beautiful in 6 days, this time the PA went a little deeper & I have very large visible pinholes on my entire face, my skin looks healed but red, rougher and way worse than before procedure. I was not told my settings either time. I got it for acne scaring & want to know if these holes & redness the laser made are permanent scaring or will they go away? Ive been great with moisturization. Very depressed please help. Any advice?

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Healing Time

The fact that the PA went a little deeper will definitely change the healing time.  It is very normal to see the small pinholes.  The red and rough texture is very typical after a Profractional treatment.  It could take up 3 weeks for your skin to look and feel normal again. 

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