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5 months post Rhinoplasty my nose is tingling after hitting my nose in the sea/pool in a humid climate. Should I be concerned?

Im 5 months post up in nose surgery. And iwent sea and pool before one week to humid area i had been hit a little on nose also it didnt hurt or bleed . My nose is tingling from sides of nose . Why it could be ? It really disturbs me i went to nose ear throat specialist he said nothing is wrong with my nose he checked it by hand and looked inside what could be the prb? Can i rely on him about it sincehe is not plastc surgeon bec my doc is far to me

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At this stage of recovery, it is highly unlikely you have damaged your result. Without bleeding/real pain and change in the shape of the nose you should be reassured. I cannot explain your tingling but there is a very high liklihood that this will resolve on its own over time.

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