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Did breaking my nose and failing to treat it before puberty affect the size/shape?

I broke my nose when I was 14, failed to treat it, and it resulted in a deviated septum. For years later, I'm now 18, and I recently had septoplasty done. Now, since the incident that caused the break happened before puberty, I can't help but wonder if it affected the growth, making it bigger than my genetics had called for it to be. Essentially, my nose is currently very large and somewhat offset & crooked, and I just want to know if the incident had anything to do with the size that it is now.

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Rhinoplasty for broken nose repair.

In rare cases, a broken nose can retard the development of the cartilage and bone inside the nose.  This usually results in a very small and shorten nose.  Trauma to the nose does not make the nose larger. The nasal fracture certainly is related to a crooked nose which can be straightened with the rhinoplasty procedure. This would involve osteotomies the nasal bones and reset them to a normal straight position. Occasionally a cartilaginous spreader graft is needed in the mid vault area when the upper lateral cartilage is concave inward as well. For many examples of  crooked nose repair in our practice, please see the link below

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