High profiles and moderate plus?

I know someone that had implants in 1995 and she said we did not have options for hp mod+ is this correct ? When year was up and mod+ implants an option?

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HIgh profiles


Yes, that is correct. HP implants were not available in the 90's. I can not remember the exact time but somewhere in the early 2000's these became available.

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High profile breast implants became available after 2000


Thank you for your question. Your friend is correct that high profile implants were not available in 1995. The myriad numbers of various shapes of breast implants has increased steadily since the new silicone gel implants were approved in 2006.

Brooke R. Seckel, MD, FACS
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Implant profile


Each implant manufacturer has a different set of nomenclature - today, however, most companies offer either three or four different profiles.

Christopher J. Davidson, MD, FACS
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Profile and breast implants


Hi there

The nomenclature (names) regarding profiles of implants varies between manufacturers. Of course the only way to be objective is to note the implant projection in cm's.

A huge matrix/range of implants are now available compared to 10 years ago but the most important factor is probably size choice rather than profile choice.

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Paul Banwell, MBBS, FRCS
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High profiles and moderate plus?


There are more options with regard to shape and profiles than a couple of decades ago.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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