Can High Nipples Be Lowered if the Bottom Part is Still Loose?

I got a breast lift with no implants, my surgeon raised my nipples to high, but it's still loose where the fold is, can this easily be be fixed by making a horizontal incision st where the fold is?

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Areolar Lowering if Loose Skin at Inferior Pole after Breast Lift

   Yes, the areolae can be lowered if there is laxity at the inferior pole after breast lift.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of breast lifts each  year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Lowering High Nipple/Areola After Breast Lifting?

 As you can imagine, good advice would necessitate physical examination or at least viewing pictures. However, generally speaking, it is sometimes possible to lower the nipple/areola by removing tissue along the lower poles of the breasts after breast lifting or reduction surgery.

 Best wishes.

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Breast Lift and Nipple Position

Hello, you are correct.  The nipple position can be changed with a transverse excision of tissue.  You would need to carefully plan this with a board-certified plastic surgeon to make sure that you understand the limitations and the details of the technique. Revision breast lifts are complex, so make sure you consult with your surgeon about this.

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High nipples?

I think that an evaluation in person is essential to determine whether the nipples are truly high or the breast has bottomed out.

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Nipple position correction

High nipples are technically difficult to correct, but some inferior excision in the fold may improve this. However, without photos it is really hard to ascertain. 

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Breast lift correction

You may need a revision but photos are really necessary to assess whether you need to give it time or the initial operation did not address all your issues.

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Can High Nipples Be Lowered if the Bottom Part is Still Loose?

If there is too much skin in the lower pole, this problem can be camouflaged, if not corrected, by making a horizontal incision in the fold and removing some of the lower pole excess tissue. At that setting the breast tissue may be elevated some to be more closely centered under the nipples and areolas. 

High areolas are extremely difficult to correct without causing excessive scarring, so camouflage techniques are better when available. All the best. 

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