I got a breast augmentation 6 weeks and I've been hurt Sleeping Is that normal?

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Breast Augmentation and Sleeping Discomfort

    Discomfort of the breasts following breast implants during the first few weeks should be anticipated during sleep as well. Kenneth Hughes, MD HughesPlasticSurgery, Los Angeles, CA

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Hurting while asleep?

Hello Azu. Thanks for your post. Sometimes, it is normal to have occasional discomfort when sleeping and it tends to get better as time progresses. I would recommend you mention it to your surgeon. If you're a stomach sleeper, then be sure to mention this at your next visit. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

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It is not uncommon to have problems sleeping at this stage. I recommend my patients to take motrin with or without the pain medications for sleep

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Occasional Discomfort 6 Weeks Out Is Normal

Recovery after a cosmetic procedure such as breast augmentation is a process.  While most patients can return to regular activities 1-2 weeks after surgery, that does not mean that the recovery is complete.  Swelling takes about 3 months to resolve completely and scars take about 18 months to fully heal.  Pain is very variable as it depends on the patient's pre-operative pain threshold, how the procedure was perfomed and if there is significant stretching of the nerves around the chest.   It is not uncommon for patients to have some occasional discomfort 6 weeks after surgery that is related to some particular activity or position.  As long as this discomfort is not persistent or worsening, you should expect it to improve.  Best of luck with your recovery and congratulations!

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Pain when sleeping?

At six weeks after breast augmentation, you may have some discomfort when you roll over on them in bed. If you have severe pain, that is not normal and you should see your doctor.

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Sleeping after Breast Augmentation

Thanks for your question.

Even six weeks after surgery, side or stomach sleeping can result in breast discomfort. Annoying burning, stinging, or other hypersensitivty feelings in one or both breasts can last for several months and can be felt in any sleep postion.

You should notice a gradual improvement over the next several weeks; however, always notify your PS if something concerns you!



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Breast augmentation 6 weeks ago

I don't quite understand the question. If you are asking if it is normal to still have some pain at six weeks, I would say yes. Your own surgeon will be your best source of info about your recovery. Best wishes. 

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