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Hematoma After Breast Lift / Reduction and Possible Infection? (photo)

Hello I am concerned as my ps stated that I might possibly have a hematoma on my left breast. I had a fibrodenoma removed and at the same time had a breast lift with implant to even out the breast. not suffered from fever the only symptoms are pain, bruising, and a sort of sting at the wound site t junction which is leaking a clearish yellowish brown fluid. I would like to know if this is something that is really to be concerned or I just have to be patient. I was operated on the 9th of October.

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Hematoma After Breast Lift / Reduction and Possible Infection?

Thank ypu for your question.  The photos are limited in view.  Please see your surgeon today for an examination today.  Sometimes a hematoma will require drainage because it can compromise the skin and potentially cause complications with the breast implant.  Best wishes on a speedy recovery.

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Hematoma after Breast Lift

   Any time a hematoma after breast lift is a concern, a physical exam is mandatory.  The hematoma, if clinically significant, should be drained as soon as possible.

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Hematoma after lift and implants?

Thanks for the description and photos, but the photos do not show much. It is best for you to be seen in person to be properly evaluated,. If the hematoma is large it should be evacuated.

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Hard to know, careful follow up with your plastic surgeon is very important


Thank you for the question and photos.  Its difficult to get the big picture about how your breasts are healing from the photos and history you provided.  If you are concerned about infection or necrosis I would definitely touch base with your plastic surgeon as he/she would need to keep a close eye on you and change your treatment as needed.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

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Hematoma After Breast Lift / Reduction and Possible Infection?

The only appropriate advice from an on line site where we do not have the opportunity of examing you is that you need to have close follow up with your surgeon. A hematoma is a possible explanation, but the real worry is an infection in the setting of a breast with an implant.

Regular contact with your surgeon to diagnose and manage any issues that may arise after surgery is essential.

Thank you for your question and for the attached photos. Best wishes.

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Concerns after Breast Augmentation/Lifting Surgery?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

 Your best course of action is to continue to follow-up closely with your plastic surgeon. Some of your pictures demonstrate some redness,  which may or may not be significant. Again, your plastic surgeon will be in the best position to assess your progress, to rule out complications, and to treat any complications that are present.

Best wishes.

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Possible Hematoma/Infection after Breast Surgery with Implants

I would recommend seeing and speaking to your plastic surgeon.  Although the photos are appreciated, I can't tell wether that is normal swelling and bruising or a possible infection.  In situations like this it is better to have a "hands on" approach to your care and not rely on a site like this for answers.  Don't take any chances especially with an implant in place.

Albert Dabbah, MD
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