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What Helps Prevent Breast Implant Rippling?

Can regular exercise help breast implant rippling disappear or diminish?

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Breast Implant Rippling

Rippling is a greater concern for thinner or more athletic women who have less breast tissue. No exercise can be used to prevent rippling. There are some presurgical decisions such as going under the muscle and choosing gel implants over saline which may reduce the risk of rippling.

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Rippling of breast implants happens because there is not enough soft tissue coverage over the implant. So in fact, exercise may make it worse because presumably you may lose weight and have thinner coverage.

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Causes for implant rippling

Thank you for your question.

In general, the following tenants hold true:  Under the muscle ripples less than over the muscle, silicone gel implants ripple less than saline implants, and if you can feel your ribs on your chest wall then you will likely be able to feel the edge of your implant and are also at risk for experiencing rippling.

Thin women with little overlying soft tissue or breast tissue are at the most risk for experiencing rippling of breast implants.

Regular exercise will not make breast implant rippling go away or lessen.

I hope this helps.

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Prevention Of Implant Rippling

There are no exercises which will prevent or improve implant rippling.  The things which, I feel, will lessen the chances of developing ripples lies in the choice of implant type and location of placement.  In my experience, smooth silicone implants which are placed below the chest muscle have the lowest incidence of rippling.

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There have been may good answers posted here.    The most important variable is the amount of original breast skin.    With much to "augment" you will see what you augmented with more easily...i.e.. the implant.   To see the implant less it an be placed under the muscle.    The silicone vs. saline issue is simple for me.   I have chosen saline because of the "medical follow up" required with silicone, and I have great results using saline.   I never fill the implant to the lowest or highest allowed fill volumes, with the belief I will avoid wrinkling and firmness on either side of the fill range.   I use a serratus muscle coverage for the lower outer pocket to get more coverage, and I use tumescent solution to minimize the discomfort created by raising this muscle.



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Correcting breast implant rippling


Breast implant rippling can be avoided, or at least minimized, with properly performed breast augmentation surgery. Individualized approach to proper technique and implant selection is paramount.

Once a patient has breast implant rippling, there are no reliable non-surgical treatments.  Exercise will not help with this problem.  If rippling is minimal I would not recommend further surgery.  On the other hand is the rippling is troublesome, there are a number of surgical maneuvers that can address this problem.  Once again, careful individualized approach will yield correction of this problem.  Make sure your surgeon has experience and skills to address the rippling of your implants.

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Breast implant rippling

The best solution for preventing most of the implant rippling is to use silicone implants and place them under the muscle. If saline implants are used they should also be placed under the muscle and they should be over-inflated. Even if all these precautions are taken, in really thin women with little to no breast tissue, it is virtually impossible to prevent all rippling in the lower-outer part of the breast. This is due to the lack of muscle coverage in this area. Exercise does not improve or diminish rippling; it may even make things worse, as the muscle will push the implants more down and out!

An evaluation by a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic surgery should help in some complex cases. There are options such as the use of ADM (acellular dermal matrix) to provide more coverage, resulting in less rippling.

Good luck!

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Breast Implant Rippling?

Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately, the rippling will not improve with exercise.  If anything, weight loss may result in increased rippling and/or palpability of the implants

Palpability  and rippling of breast implants may be related to several factors. These include the amount of soft tissue and breast tissue coverage over the breast implants, the position of the breast implants (submuscular versus sub glandular), the type of implants (saline versus silicone), and the degree of overfilling of saline filled implants. Generally, weight loss will extension weight any rippling/palpability  of the implants.  Deflation of the implants will also increase the rippling/palpability of the implant.

Correction of the rippling may involve further surgery including implant pocket exchange if possible ( sub glandular to submuscular), implant exchange if possible (saline to silicone), and/or the use of allograft to provide an additional layer of tissue between the implant and the patient's skin. Patient weight gain (if possible) may also be helpful.

I hope this helps.

Revision of Breast Implants For Rippling

The rippling you notice in your breasts is from folds on the edges of your breast implants. Exercise is always a good thing, but will not hide the ripling. Silicone implants show less wrinkling than saline. Under the muscle (dual plane) positioning of implants shows less wrinkling because it provides more cover over the implant. Women with more breast tissue are better able to camoflauge implant characteristics for a more natural look. There are a number of ways to revise breast implants that ripple. Fat transfer to areas of thin tissue is one technique. ADM (acellular dermal matrix) such as strattice or alloderm can provide more cover to the implants, thus hiding the telltale signs of an implant. You should see a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to evaluate your particular options.

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Exercise will not prevent breast implant rippling

Although going under the muscle will help, what most people don't realize is that the pectoral muscle only covers the upper and inner (toward the breastbone) parts of the implant; that is why you typically feel or see ripples on the outside and bottom of the breast. Most important is to not go too big with the implants or they will push out into those areas, causing thinning of the tissues and making ripples more visible. Because the muscle is over the upper portion of the implant, exercising it will push it down making those problems worse!

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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