Does It Help to Put Something on Your Skin Prior to Surgery for the Scar?

Im going to have a tummy tuck in about 2 months.

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No skin product necessary prior to surgery.

I know of no valid scientific literature to support a specific cream or lotion prior to surgery. However, it is important to moisturize and take good care of your at all times.  So stick with a consistent skin care program.  Don't put any oils, creams, or lotions on your skin on the day of surgery.  It could make it difficult to prep your skin with the cleansing soaps at the time of surgery. Also, don't tan.

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Preop skin treatment?

There is no reason to prep the skin prior to surgery. My recommendation, however, is that you avoid sun exposure to any area for at least 8 weeks prior to surgery so no sunbathing in a bikini!

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Tummy Tuck Skin Prep?

Thank you for the question.

No, I am not aware of any benefits of applying any ointment/cream to your abdominal wall skin prior to tummy tuck surgery.

Best wishes with your upcoming surgery.


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