Will Heavy Working out Ruin Brazillian Butt Lift Results?

Let's say after 1month I want to return to my full activity level. Will heavy working out make me lose my butt results.? I've always been same weight no matter how much I excersize but I do get very toned. Will my new butt fade away?

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Exercise after surgery

a well performed Brazilian Butt Lift can create a significant improvement in overall body shape and buttock shape / contour and size.  These changes can often be enhanced when patients maintain and even improve upon their bodies through exercise after surgery.  I allow patients to do very light exercise within a few weeks of surgery and then full exercise by six weeks.  I always stress to patients that want to maintain a nicely shaped and full buttocks after this type of surgery and want to exercise, to focus some of their efforts on strengthening the gluteal muscles and this generally leads to an improved shape overall.


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