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Do I Have to Wait for a Rhinoplasty Revision if I'm Getting Chin Implant Fixed?

I had rhinoplasty and a chin implant about a month ago. I'm very unhappy with the results. I wanted a bump on the bridge of my nose taken down and the tip refined but now the bridge is much wider than it previously was and still very strong. The tip is also very strong and facing downward. I hate my downward pointing nose and unnatural nostrils. The chin I'm having made smaller but I do not want to wait 6 months to fix my nose. How long must I wait to have the nose revised?

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Rhinoplasty Revision and Chin Surgery


You should wait at least 6-9 months to have a nasal revision. You can have the chin reduction at any time, but I'd recommend having both done at the same time to avoid 2 separate procedures.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Wait a minimum of 6 months before nasal revision.


It would be nice to do them together, but you must wait 6 months minimum for a nasal revision to get the best results.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Nose revision: 1 month is too early


The nose can appear swollen for many months. What you see now is not the way the nose may appear several months from now. I would discourage you from undergoing a nasal revision this early. However, ultimately you may still desire one.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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