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Has Financing for Cosmetic Surgery Become Too Hard to Get?

I had a consultation for a tummy tuck, and I'm ready to move forward, but I've heard rumors that the plastic surgery financing companies aren't approving even the most qualified borrowers. Is there any truth to these rumors? Which financing company should I try applying to first?

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Financing and the credit crunch in a bad ecomomy

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I would have to confirm your suspicions. I do not have a high volume of patients that request financing but in myu limited experience, I have noticed that with the "credit crunch" and the overall condition of the economy, it appears that it is increasingly more difficult for patients to get approved

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Financing for surgery

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Financing for surgery like any other credit type process( mortgages, and other loans) have tighter restirctions now.  There are a few that I know of, but I am not sure that they are all still in busines.  Unicorn, Carecredit, Chase financing, and an assortment of credit cards.

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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