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Hardness of Lower Abdomen, Very Painful. Is This Normal Post Agressive Lipo?

Hi, I am 30Yold- 120kgs (264 P) ; had an aggr Wet Lipo on 21 March (General Anesthesia with 3 days hospitalization)- my doc removed 12 Liters combined fat from chest, Upper & Lower Abdomen & flanks. I am having some bruising on flanks (progressively subsiding- undrstd this is normal); however my whole lower abdomen has turned hard as a rock. Causing extrm discomfort & pain upon holding the area. Currently not able compression (or any) clothing. Is the hardness normal? can anything be done? THX

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Lower Abdominal Fullness After Liposuction


When you have this much liposuction done in high volumes, it is going to take a long time for recovery. The fullness in the lower abdomen is extrenmely common as gravity and the compression garment draws/pushes all fluids down to the lowest abdominal level including the pubic region. This swelling and hardness will eventually resolve but it is a process that will take months.

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