How Hard Would It Be to Fix a Nasal Valve Collapse That Has Already Been Done with Spreader Grafts?

Left turb has been reduced some as i thought that might be cause for congestion after nasal valve collapse surgery. HOwever, that did not solve the problem either. AT this point really believe the nasal valve is the culprit. How hard /difficult would it be to remove the spreader graft and possibly use another type of graft to improve breathing? Also they had to use rib cartlidge when they rebuilt my septum and improved nasal valve issue in 2010. Can they use cartlidge from somewhere else?

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How Hard Would It Be to Fix a Nasal Valve Collapse That Has Already Been Done with Spreader Grafts?

Honestly, it sounds like you've had pretty exstensive Rhinoplasty surgery already and the plain truth is that there are diminishing returns with each subsequent surgery.  Unless your nose looks awful, I'd say leave it alone.

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Treatment of Nasal Obstruction

Treatment will depend on the cause  of your nasal obstrruction. If there is narrowing of the internal valve, your spreader grafts should be revised. If there is septsl deviation , external valve narrowing , or residual turbinate excess those problems should be corrected. Physical examination is neecessary to determine the coarse of treatment.

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Improving Nasal Airway with Spreader Grafts

The key for success is an accurate diagnosis of your problem. There are certain tests you can perform to ensure that you have the problem diagnosed properly. Once this is better determined, you will have a higher likelihood of success regarding your problem.  A second or larger spreader graft could be used in addition to a strut graft that prevents the nostril from collapsing if this is contributing to the problem. See a physician who specializes in revision rhinoplasty for the highest likelihood of success.

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Spreader graft for valve collapse in rhinoplasty

It is possible that the spreader graft resorbed or you need a larger one.  It is also possible that you need an alar batten or strut graft to improve your EXTERNAL nasal valve as the spreader graft only improves the INTERNAL nasal valve.  I would need a full history and exam to better assess though.

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Nasal Valve Collapse

Spreader grafts are not uniform and they must be adjusted to the individual patient. It is possible that you may need a larger spreader graft, as the original is mot providing enough diameter for breathing. Septum would be my choice,but if unavailable rib graft would also work great. The ket is to cut the grafts to the right proportions.

This should not be a very complicated process.


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