Not Happy with the Appearance of my Nose Tip After 4 Surgeries? (photo)

last surgery during Oct the surgeon removed access fat in the tip & moves my nose bones closer.nose tip still appears large & droopy & worse when I smile. Dr told me a nose graft will not make a diff to the tip of my nose & further nose projection will result an ms piggy. I have thick skin I believe a nose graph will indeed assist in a more refined result. dr told me laser will not refine my tip either & there is nothing else I can do to improve the appearance.still unhappy. Can I do anything

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Nothing more can be done - says who?


I am not a fan of the "nothing more can be done" statment made to so many patients.  I think the statement should be, "I cannot do anything more," which is a fair statment and then refer the patient out.  Your nose is still swollen at this point and it is impossible to know what else can be done  - or not.  Keep in touch with your surgeon and wait and see if things dont get better.

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Bulbous Tip



You have a classic cartilagenous bulbous tip. This can be corrected by resculpting your tip cartilages. Unfortunately, another revision would be necessary. See link below for further explanation.



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