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What Happens After I Didn't Wear my Retainers for Two Months?

I've noticed my teeth slightly shifted because I haven't worn my retainers for two months. I have the clear plastic retainers. When I first put my retainers back on, while they still fit, they're tight and can be difficult to take off. If I wear them for at least 6+hrs, they loosen and come off very easily. If I wear my retainers 24/7 for a few weeks, then go back to my recommended schedule of wearing them every night, will my teeth realign?

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Tight Fitting Retainers


Your teeth should move back, but are you sure you want to treat yourself rather than have your doctor take a look and hear what he has to say?  I would think that after you have spent a lot of time and money on orthodontic treatment, you should make an appointment with him and hear what he has to say regarding wearing the old retainer or having a new one made.

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