Can Hair Transplant Make my Hair Look Thicker Knowing Iam Very White Skin and Very Blonde?

White tuned skin , very blonde plus Low lights , whtever hard i tried minoxidil and im injections daily for 4 months : bepanthene and biotine , hair loss stopped starting from first week but in some areas it never grew back again ...

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Benefit of hair transplant

First, it is worth considering other medical treatments for hair loss. As a woman you may benefit from off-label oral spironolactone (dose 100-200mg daily) or finasteride (5mg daily). Most of my female patients use one or both of these medications in addition to topical minoxidil for a full 6-12 months before undergoing hair transplantation. These medications can help stabilize the ongoing thinning and potentially help regrow some of your hair (they cannot be used if there is a chance you may get pregnant).  Hair transplantation can offer the most dramatic treatment for your thinning hair.  Our female patients are delighted with their results and can benefit from a single procedure of just 500-1000 1-4 hair follicular unit grafts.

New Orleans Dermatologist

Hair Color and Hair Transplant

Hair color is a consideration when it comes to hair transplant. But just because you are blond does not mean you’re a poor candidate. A hair transplant done well would certainly add density to your balding areas, thus making your hair look thicker. Your hair color may just mean that you’ll require a higher graft count than a dark-haired person.

Sanusi Umar, MD
Redondo Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Hair transplants after treated hair loss

The cause of your hair loss should be determined and bald/ thin areas should be stable for a year before considering hair transplants. We should know if you are male or female. 

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
Oakland Facial Plastic Surgeon
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