Will Hair Texture Change or Thicken over Time with a Hair Transplant?

What is a reasonable timeline for seeing new growth from a hair transplant? Could it take a year or so to see the full potential?

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Re: Hair Texture and Hair Transplant

Normally it takes about 7-8 or 10 months to see the full potential of a hair transplant procedure. However texture continues to improve over 18 months

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The hair tends to gain circumference for several years

The hair tends to gain circumference over several years.  Following people (including my brothers) for years was an interesting experience.  In a way, it is like a tree that grows and becomes bigger around as time goes by. While it is a common belief that you achieve "full" growth and results after a year, the increase in circumference of the hairs makes the results look better over time.

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Will a Hair Transplant Change Hair Texture?

After a hair transplant, depending on the location from where the donor hair was harvested will determine the color of the hair after it is transplanted.  For instance, if you have grey hair in the back that is transplanted to the front, it will maintain the color.  Yes, the texture of the hair may change after hair transplantation, due to trauma that occurs during the placement of the graft into the recipient sites.  We consider the transplanted hair to be resistant to the hormonal cause of hair loss.  Although the transplanted hair will fall out in about two weeks, the transplanted hair follicle is intact and new hair generally begins to grow again in about three months. This hair lives and grows indefinitely.  The technique I use is follicular-unit micrograft transplantation which provide a more natural look, permanently.


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Growth of hair transplants

Do not expect growth from a hair transplant for at least 3 months. Hair grows at the rate of 1/2 inch per month, so at 4 months you should see some results. For all the hairs that will grow from a graft  session to appear , it  may take as long as 9 months (some of the transplanted hairs may go through a hair cycle afterward). Therefore , depending on the length you want your hair, it may take between 9 and 12 months to realize the final result of a hair transplant session.

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