How soon will this hair stem cell technique be used to cure baldness?

Hair Regeneration Method is First to Induce New Human Hair Growth, article by Columbia University Medical Center.

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Hair stem cell technique be used to cure baldness?

Thank you for your question. These types of things usually have to undergo approval by the FDA and they operate at their own time schedule. Could be months to years. I hope this helps!

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Stem Cell Curing Baldness.

This is a great question. The quick answer is that stem cell research will never actually cure the cause of baldness, as hair loss is a diverse process which can occur for many different reasons. The work being done with stem cells, a follicle papillary cells, whether called "stem cells" or "cell multiplication" may provide an unlimited number of hair follicles to transplant and cover the balding areas. Even those techniques are several years away.

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How long to cure for baldness

It's a great question and an outstanding study. The authors of the study have been quoted as saying a cure is still some way away

It is important to understand that growing hair in mice is different than growing hair in humans. It's also important to understand that once hair is successfully grown in humans, it will take time to ensure that "enough" hair is produced. Patients won't be satisfied with small sprouts of hair coming out at all different angles - rather they will want lots and lots of hair coming out at natural angles. This will take time.

But the exciting study gives us hope this may one day be possible.

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