Which Hair Replacement Gives More Natural Results: Hair Plugs or Hair Transplant Surgery?

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Hair Transplant vs. Plugs

Hair transplant surgery most definitely gives a more natural result.  Transplant allows us to be create hairlines with single and double hair graft, which is the way our hair is naturally designed.  With the right technique, surgeon, and team, it should be unrecognizable that hair has been transplanted.

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Hair Transplant for Restoration

Hair transplant surgery is definitely the better choice. Hair plugs have become an antiquated method of hair restoration as compared with today’s technologies, namely follicular unit extraction. FUE hair transplant harvests donor hair in individual follicular units and has the ability to extract hair from anywhere on the scalp, in addition to the use of non-head hair using the uGraft. This widens the donor pool and makes the result of hairline design softer and more natural-looking. In typical cases FUE hair transplant also proffers cosmetically negligible scarring overall.

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Hair Plugs - A Thing of the Past

Hair plugs are a thing of the past . Most work today is done with follicular units put in with needle holes. No plugs, no punches. One, two ,or three hair transplants done individually

Which hair transplant procedure gives the most natural appearance?

There is no doubt about this answer. Plugs with 5 or more follicles looks like a row of corn or a dolls hair. Yes, you can go back later and fill inbetween the plugs, but it is unnecessary when using the FUE (follicular unit extraction) techniques. This is when a 1 millemeter graft is taken from the back of the head instead of a strip of scalp. Each 1 mm follicular unit may contain from one to four follicles and thus hairs. There is no visible scar at the donar site, and if skill is used, the recipient site is scarless as well. For the front line of hairs, the one hair grafts are used, and behind that those with more hair flolicles are used for increased density. I prefer the NeoGraft system because it is the newest, and in my opinion, the best automated FUE technology. Our patients are thrilled with the procedure, and there the evidence of the patient having had a transplant is virtually zero. With the NeoGraft 2500 grafts can be done at one sitting, and that is about 6,000 hairs. It is done under local anesthesia and the recovery time is just a few days. Many patients go back to work in 2-3 days. There are no sutures to remove.

Hair Plugs or Hair Grafts for Hair Transplant Surgery

Today's state of the art technique involves transplanting small grafts containing 1-3 hairs.  This is the way it naturally grows.

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Plugs or Grafts for Hair Transplantation

Hair pl will ugs are almost never used today.  The appearance of plugs will give an unnatural appearance, since the plug will have high density of hair follicles, but there will be large obvious areas of surrounding skin without any transplanted hairs.  Stay with the proven technique of hair follicular grafting which can give good density and a nice patterned fullness.  There is another technique in which a hair flap can be transposed or rotated where greater density is needed, but this technique will deplete a great amount of hair relatively speaking from one given area, but surrounding areas will be very depleted and won't balance to the flap density.


Always ask a local Plastic Surgeon for guidance in this regard.


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Better Results with Hair Plugs or Hair Transplants

Hair plugs are a method of hair transplantation. The state of the art in hair transplants today are the use of smaller 1-4 hair grafts which are much more natural than larger plugs but provide less density. Another alternative is the Fleming/Mayer Flap which provides immediate results with greater thickness and total freedom of hair styling without a change in hair texture.

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Hair transplants vs. hair plugs

Today, it is rare that an experienced hair transplant surgeon is using "plugs."  Follicular Unit Transplantation is the way we do it today and the results are natural and durable. The microscope is used to dissect grafts into the smallest unit necessary to do the job.  As a result, the recipient sites are very, very small and difficult to detect.    Your best bet is to have an in-person consultation with an experienced hair transplant surgeon.  Look at our before and after pictures. You will be impressed at the natural appearing results that are the norm.  Best of luck in your search.  Dr. P

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Which Hair Replacement Gives More Natural Results: Hair Plugs or Hair Transplant Surgery?

 Hair transplants are hair plugs, which is an older term used to describe the process of taking donor hairs (taken as a series of plug shaped donor scalp containing follicles) and transplanting them to areas of bald scalp.  Newer techniques use single and double follicles for improved aesthetic results.  

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Hair transplants and hair plugs are the same.

Hair transplants and hair plugs are the same. The only other procedure for permanent hair replacement is the Fleming-Mayer Flap. Each has advantages and disadvantages depending on the goals of the patient. Make sure you see an experienced surgeon for either method.

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