Treatment for Hair Loss on Chin?

I work in a labratory for a mining company. We deal with all sorts of acids ranging from Hydrochloric to Sulfuric acid. Over the last couple of years, I have noticed two patches under my chin where hair just doesn't grow. It looks as though I have ever so slightly splashed a bit of acid on my face without feeling it at the time. Is there any treatment for this?

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Hair Loss on Chin


It sounds like you might have some kind of scarring/trauma to that area of your chin as a result of the harsh chemicals. I advise you to seek consultation with a hair restoration surgeon who specializes in body hair transplant. I am one such practitioner, and would likely be able to use existing beard hair as donor follicles for those bald patches. I use FUE uGraft for all types of hair transplant, and specialize in repair cases. Please feel free to contact my office for a consultation. Best of luck.

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