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Exercise After Vaser Lipo

I had vaserlipo 13 days ago in may outer leg, feel good. when i can go back to the gym and starting just easy execise like waking cross trainer? thanks

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Vaser lipo and exercise


As far as lipo is concerned, usually you can go back to the gym sooner than other procedures, but I would check with your doctor.

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Vaser Lipo


We have our patients wait for 6 weeks before going to the gym and engaging in activity that could cause swelling. Walking is fine, but activities which increase the blood pressure and heart rate can induce swelling.

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Exercise after liposuction is good!


The sooner you get back to exercise,  the better.  It will help you physically and emotionally!  Regarding the areas of liposuction, a compression garment will help with support,  minimizing shearing and swelling for the first several weeks.  Regarding the intensity of your workout early after surgery, "let pain be your guide".

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Exercise After Vaser Lipo


As far as I'm concerned YES! Oh, I'm not your SURGEON! Call him please. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski

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